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Dear World Changer,

Do you have dreams and visions of taking your organisation to the next level but don't know where you're going to get the resources from? Do you have assets that need upgrading or projects that need expanding?


As a grassroots organisation, you are more than likely so tied up in doing the daily task of meeting the needs of your clients and staff, that you have very little time to focus on your fundraising. But whoever said that "money makes the world go round" was onto something...especially when it comes to spinning the wheels of doing good!


Reminder: You're doing a good thing! Your work is valuable and life-changing! You are changing the world, one person at a time!


While you might not have it in your budget to employ a full-time fundraiser or even a fundraising team, fundraising is still possible! There are people out there just looking for an organisation like yours to partner with. That is why I've set up B4A Collective... With 20 years of experience in the Not-for-profit sector, I have often seen the gap between the vision that leaders have and the materializing of that vision for lack of resources. With my experience with different organisations in New Zealand and Ethiopia, I want to now bring my fundraising expertise to Sydney. So I set up B4A Consultancy. It's a fundraising company with a twist- it's not just about raising funds, but it's about creating a movement. And I'm inviting you to be a part of it...

Here's What We Have to Offer:

1. A needs assessment (what are your organisation's priorities)

2. An organisational health assessment (to get an overall, holistic picture of your charity)

3. Vision review (what are your vision, goals, and objectives for the next year)

4. Fundraising strategic planning (I will then write up a plan and find sources that we can apply to)

5. An action plan (we will work together with your calendar to plan how to implement the strategy)

6. Marketing your company through our website and social media platforms (I am building a team to make our platform the best it can be to get the most exposure for your organisation)

​7. Matching your organisation with corporate partners (this will mean little work for you and discretionary funding that you can use and not have to put together a fully detailed report)

8. Creating follow-up systems (saying please and thank you never grow old, so we will help you set up the systems you need to build a good rapport with your donors)

9. Annually undertaking an assessment of progress (we will sign a one-year agreement but if you want to continue after the year, then we will have a look at what worked and what didn't and re-strategize for the new needs that arise.) The services will be provided in person at your workplace and then from my office address.


If you would like to discuss more about a potential partnership, please contact me to make an obligation-free appointment! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Tel: +61 484 226 121

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