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Forging meaningful connections between passionate donors and
impactful grassroots organisations so that communities everywhere can flourish
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Our Services



Assist needs and create a plan for organisation  ​​​


Grant Writing

We can match you with potential funders and help you apply for grants



Training in fundraising or community development 


Fund Management

Accept donations from any donors that goes towards projects we are working on 

Get to know 

I'm Michelle Temu. After working and volunteering in the Not for Profit sector in New Zealand, Ethiopia and Australia, I wanted to do something different to help bring small to medium charities sustain their social change organisations. The vision was to create a movement of extravagant generosity while building strategies for the community organisations to sustain themselves. After working as a relationships coordinator for a NFP in Sydney for the last 3 1/4 years, I launched out to start my own consultancy company to work with both parts of the sector- the NFP's (the doers) and the Donors (the givers.) The fact is that every one is giving in some shape or form, but more often than not, the people working on the ground with those in hard seasons, need more resources to help them flourish. I am here to bridge that gap. If you have the heart of a philanthropist and want to find out where you can give, contact me. If you are a community organisation struggling to resource your good work, I can help you to design a bespoke fundraising plan to suit your needs.

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“The online session with B4ACollective was an absolute eye opener! the ‘beyond grants’ wānanga (workshop session) broke away the ‘already perceived’ ideas I had toward raising funds or expanding the financial gain in order to deliver programs that makes a difference!
It was clear, succinct & delivered in an easy way to receive the information with ease! Thanks again for the invite team! Blessing the pathways of prosperity!!!."

Soulsista Aotearoa

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