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Bring your organisations dreams to life

Do you have dreams and visions of taking your organisation to the next level but don't know where you're going to get the resources from?

Do you have assets that need upgrading or projects that need expanding?


As a grassroots organisation, you are more than likely so tied up in doing the daily task of meeting the needs of your clients and staff, that you have very little time to focus on your fundraising. But whoever said that "money makes the world go round" was onto something...especially when it comes to spinning the wheels of doing good!

The Givers


We're here to help you to be the best version of yourself!


We are all givers in this great ecosystem of change. Some are able to give their resources and others are able to give their skills, time and love in the communities in which they serve. 

If you'd like to be an every day philanthropist, we can help match you with a trustworthy, impactful grassroots organisation that gets your passion burning and allows you to be the best version of yourself. 

We work in the social change sector to bring systemic, sustainable and societal change. This is the sector that is often overlooked and under resourced and we blame the government for not making a difference. With B4A Collective we are taking the power back and putting into the hands of the everyday philanthropist, like you, to make a difference. 

The Doers


We've got your back!


While you might not have it in your budget to employ a full-time fundraiser or even a fundraising team, fundraising is still possible! There are people out there just looking for an organisation like yours to partner with. That is why I've set up B4A Collective... With 20 years of experience in the Not-for-profit sector, I have often seen the gap between the vision that leaders have and the materializing of that vision for lack of resources.

With my experience with different organizations in New Zealand and Ethiopia, I want to now bring my fundraising expertise to Australia. Working across Australia and New Zealand, I'm here to help diversify your income streams to sustain your good work for the long haul.

If you are sick of operating from grant to grant, please send me a message for a free 30 min discovery call.

How We Work...


What are your organization's priorities?

How is the health of your organisation? to get an overall, holistic picture of your charity.

What is your vision for the next year, five and ten years.


​ We help find the right funding for the right project at the right time. We also work with you to put systems in place to help cultivate relationships with your donors, sponsors and partners. We also add you to our charity fundraising website to expose you to more philanthropists. 


We work with you to develop a fundraising strategic plan. 

As we work together with your calendar to plan how to implement the strategy, we can appropriately diversify your income streams to suit your needs.


Saying please and thank you never grows old, so we will help you set up the systems you need to build a good rapport with your donors. We also take responsibility for the evaluation, monitoring and reporting of any successful grants we acquire. We do this through a CRM system that we help you set up.​


Sharing your stories is vital to building relationships and trust. We want to help expose your good work to the community so that your online presence is aligning with your behind-the-scenes work. We market, you create impact. 


Be all you want to be! Be a part of our community so you can be supported and not be siloed in the work you're doing. 

We are here for you and want to see you grow so that the community you exist to serve know that they are loved, seen and valued. Let's do this together! 

Let’s Work Together

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Tel: +61 484 226 121

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